Coversin Dual Action

Coversin inhibits both C5 activation and binds tightly to the proinflammatory mediator LTB4. Akari believes that this unique dual mode of action may make Coversin a particularly effective inhibitor of inflammation in disease conditions where both C5 activation and LTB4 have a causative role in disease pathology, and in particular where C5 and LTB4 are upregulated independently of one another. Scientific evidence for the involvement of both inflammatory mediators in a wide range of diseases is emerging at an ever-increasing rate. Akari is undertaking work to identify conditions where combined inhibition of C5 and LTB4 may be of greatest benefit. Find out more in our Diseases section.

Akari plans to initiate a human trial in a disease where both C5 and LTB4 are believed to drive pathology in the second-half of 2017.